"Gorgeous and so professional, Kate has made me the happiest client every time I visit! 100% recommend!"


"Always great professional service! Kate is very intuitive to how you are feeling which ensures you always leave really happy!! Would definitely recommend Kate and her services!"


"Nice feeling to have sugar wax with natural ingredients on my skin and have hair pulled in the direction as they grow, which also sounds more natural to me. 

Pure and Sweet,

Give Your Skin a Treat

Finally a vegan, natural hair removal method! A gentle, effective and earth-friendly practice, sugaring causes less irritation and ingrown hairs than other hair removal methods, and leaves you with silky-smooth, soft skin. Unlike waxing, body sugaring removes unwanted body hair from the root, is much more gentle on the skin and helps effectively reduce growth quickly.  


Sugar Mama is an advanced Alexandria Professional body sugaring practitioner. Using an innovative and world renowned technique and a sugar paste formula that contains 100% natural ingredients, Sugar Mama cuts out the nasty additives and irritants. Compare this to traditional wax which can contain the same preservatives and resins found in paint!

Sugar Mama is Byron Bay's leading sugaring hair removal technician. Located at 1a/20 Brigantine St, Byron Bay. You can contact us on 0431 623 629 or at