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What is Sugaring?

Body sugaring is the ancient Egyptian art of hair removal. It uses all natural ingredients and is more gentle than waxing. Unlike traditional waxing methods, sugaring removes the hair from the direction that it grows thus reducing hair growth faster and almost completely eliminating ingrown hairs.

Benefits of Sugaring.

  • Pure and natural ingredients 

  • Eliminates ingrown hairs

  • Extracts all hair colors and textures

  • Less painful 

  • Lasts longer 

  • Improves skin tone and texture

  • Will not burn or irritate the skin

  • Hair is removed in the direction of the natural growth

  • Removes hair as short as 1/4 inch

  • 100% eco-friendly, free from harmful bacteria and completely natural

  • Safe for skin conditions such as eczema and


Traditional wax is applied to the skin hot; resulting in burning and irritating the skin not to mention the method of removal which is against the natural growth leads to hair snapping and becoming ingrown.  Thus making the entire experience painful and frustrating. Whereas Sugaring is a warm paste that is moulded into the skin, picking up tiny short hairs and then removed in the direction of hair growth. This results in longer lasting smooth skin! Even better it is completely natural and chemical free; it’s no wonder that the art of sugaring has remained a practice for thousands of years!

Why Should I Get Sugared?

First off, sugaring is much less than waxing. It is more thorough, and never burns your skin. Body sugaring is a simple, effective way to achieve smooth, beautiful skin. Check out these other benefits:

  • Leads to permanent hair removal

  • Less painful than waxing

  • Does not burn or sensitize the skin

  • 100% natural – you can eat it!

  • Eliminates in-grown hairs

  • Safe to use on psoriasis, eczema, varicose and spider veins

  • Conditions and exfoliates the skin as it removes only dead skin cells

  • Vegan-friendly and chemical free

  • Can remove coarse and stubborn hair

  • Effective at removing vellus hair types (“peach fuzz” or translucent hair types)

  • Can be performed all over the body

  • Picks up shorter hairs (no waiting for hair to be long like waxing!)

Who is Sugar Mama?

Katie is a qualified Beauty Therapist and an Advanced Body Sugaring Practitioner, trained and certified by Alexandria Professional, a company renowned worldwide for their unique and innovative techniques and products. Katie has been sugaring since 2012 and loves the results she can offer her clients. A self-confessed perfectionist who loves making her clients feel at ease and pampered during their treatments. Katie is passionate about looking after the skin we are in, naturally and chemically free.